The superstar DJ and producer Tiësto, has always been one of the leaders in the electronic music industry. When Tiësto decided to transition from trance to more mainstream dance music, Tiësto made a bold move by stating that this is where the music was going. Tiësto decided to surprise his fans once again and move away from his highly energetic electro house DJ sets by launching his very own deep house record label.

Tiësto's new “AFTR : HRS” will feature a blend of deep house tracks and maybe even some re-edits of some of his classics. Tiesto said in a Facebook post:

“I have always loved playing deep house and more mellow tracks in my radio show and my live shows, but I also love to listen to it when I drive or go out late night/early morning! I wanted to create a new label just to release these types of tracks. So today, I am launching AFTR : HRS . Get ready for some great music!”

Tiesto posted a deep house track to give fans a taste of what's to come:
Tiësto | Facebook