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Get Ready to Engage “Slosh Mode”

As if emerging from a snowy abyss to melt the snow enough to party, Ronnie Weberg’s newest creative direction shines through the sounds in these glorious new tracks. Released on Gravitas Recordings, the 5-song Slosh Mode is a gravitation toward a sound that is entirely Unlimited Gravity’s own. Filled with organic samples and vocal modulations that seem to harken a fusion of new sounds and hip-hop era sound-grabs, the album seems to explore all of the influences that are felt in other UG creations. “That’s Gravity” opens with a sound that notions toward a Persian 8-bit video game before a vicious vocal sampling transitions into an energetic, grimy headbanger. The third track of the collection “Down Low” is a stand out heavy jam. It successfully combines knee-wobbling bass with funky synths that remind this author of an intergalactic command console going awesomely haywire. The call and answer bass goodness  was co-produced with label manager Psymbionic and does not disappoint the myriad bass lovers. “Life Support” comes to our ears with a soulful, lilting piano track with wide-sweeping synthesizations that give a grand scope of feel to this song. The resounding drum tracks give the track a heartbeat that soon builds to a great release of chaotic bass wobbles that left me daydreaming about an IV drip. The entire EP is available for free download, although it is always great to support local artists, so don't be afraid to throw down a buck or whatever you feel is right for these amazing tunes. 

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