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Get Fired Up and ‘On Fire’ with Thomas Gold | EDM Sauce Interview

Miami Music Week is here once again, people from all over the country and the world come to Miami for unforgettable day/ pool parties and lets not forget the after parties at the gorgeous nightclubs that Miami has to offer. “I’m excited to see all the people, get in touch with a lot artists and DJs, famous people and all these fans floating around of the streets. Its a special vibe in Miami, MMW is different in a very positive way — all the pool parties I cannot wait to hangout just hangout like go out and hangout with your friends.”  This past Saturday, at a recent interview with the very talented Thomas Gold at LIV Miami Nightclub located inside the Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach we got the chance to experience the start of the best and most important week in the dance music industry.

Thomas Gold has been on his On Fire Tour for the past week as well, playing at different cities but seeing the same reactions from his fans, that he just loves to see while Gold is behind the decks. “I just started a week ago. I think San Fransisco it was very over whelming how big the crowd was, how everyone got into it. Also at Chicago was wild too, I’ve been there four times already but everyone was crazy there, everyone was raving throughout the whole set. That’s why I’m doing this because I want to see people happy and excited we are all were. Tonight is going to be fucking amazing!” Still on tour, Thomas Gold will be at MMW parties and back to traveling to different cities. “This is the start of it actually, I just got into Miami today and I’m going to be here for the next nine days. I have four more shows I’m doing next week, I’m really excited.”

A person hears a favorite song and the person can react to the song either by crying, dancing, screaming from excitement, or even being extremely happy. The expression to music is everything. “Sometimes its a song or a track that is very related to an emotion or like which happens in my life but just sometimes you are in a certain mood like with a really new song which is coming out on this Monday by the way is called On Fire — that was inspired by an very energetic mood. I was coming back from another tour and the next day I want to create something that reflects my experiences and how I felt at that time. My music reflects my feelings and my emotions, I don’t write lyrics but I express myself through music, melodies, and all that uplifting and melodic.”   On Fire is Out Now on Revealed Recordings! Get your copy now!

On Fire was the first song Thomas Gold played he played at LIV this past Saturday night. The entire room vibrated with screams and chanting from his fellow dedicated fans. Everyone reacted to his music with joy and excitement; everyone was jumping, dancing, clapping to beats and singing along to his music. From watching the fans reaction and the reaction from Thomas Gold’s expression it was a pleasure noticing that. Thomas was interacting with his fans they were waving their hands up at him and taking picture of him it made their night as well as his night.

Thomas Gold at LIV

Everyone can react differently to a song or even while writing music as an artist, do you have to depressed to write a sad song? Do you have to be in love to write a love song? Is the song better if it really happened to you?  “It was written in a good mood, of course you it can happen to you if you are in a certain mood, if you’re sad you want to write a sad song. It just comes out of you — like the track Sing To Me it wasn’t a sad vibe it would more like an melodic vibe it took me two hours to get the song together and with Can’t Stop This Feeling I was in a good mood and I put together some sounds and then ‘I can’t stop this feeling’ I wanted to express that with the music as well I had to vocal phrase, I wanted to put some music around so that's how that happened.”

“I want to make music, I want to release more music, I want to see people getting excited being happy when I play like jumping around, thats the best feeling you can get when you create something and you see the people loving it. That's why I’m doing this whole thing because thats my goal and it will probably be the same goal for next year it will stay the same.”

What else does Thomas Gold has to offer his fans other than more great vibes at his shows? More unreleased music, the satisfaction and the joy that he endures while he performs perhaps a new album in the near future.  “I’m putting out an album by the end of the year, we already got 80% of it finished. Its just me I have a lot of featuring artists and singers and other vocalists. I just came back from a 3 week writing camp I got so much new stuff, I think it could released be released in the next few months. I’m really happy, I’m really excited I just have to narrow it down to fourteen tracks. From June and on I’m going to be releases for the album and its going to be different — it's still going to be Thomas Gold its more of an song album with lyrics yeah I’m just really excited about that. Finally I can do all the stuff I want to do and put it on to an album.”

Musicians, singers, song writers, producers, DJs, they are all in the music industry because of one thing; their love and passion for music. There is so much that music has to offer regardless of what genre it is or if its classical or electronic music is music and life without music there would be nothing. “I love how music is so emotional, its all about emotions, thats the thing. Whatever kind of music it is, the real music for me its all about the emotions. Lets say you have a piano which for me is the best instrument in the world, you can do anything from sad to super happy and the range of emotions which you can express through a piano it's infinite.”

So what does Thomas Gold does love most about music? “That's what I love about music you can express everything by life and you can put a soundtrack to any emotion you have. If you are really sad theres a track for that, if you’re super happy theres a track for that and everything in the middle. Thats what music you know? Its all about emotions. There's a lot of theory behind it, Imagine a movie without music it cannot be done.”

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Don't miss Thomas Gold during Miami Music Week! View his list of shows below,

– Weds 7:00pm, THOMAS GOLD at Revealed at Nikki Beach
– Thurs 1:00am (technically Friday morning 1:00am), THOMAS GOLD, “”Miami Afterdark” at Clevelander Hotel
– Fri 5:00pm, THOMAS GOLD, “No Sugar Added” at Nikki Beach
– Sat 10:00pm, THOMAS GOLD, “Sexy By Nature” at Shelborne Hotel

Follow Thomas Gold on his social media pages and tuning into his weekly radio show FanFare:  

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Mixcloud

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