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Son Of 8 Feat. Roland Clark – Future Lovers Of [Premiere + Interview]

Today is a pretty special day because EDM Sauce is ready to premiere the debut track from Son of 8. Not familiar with Son of 8? No worries, the short interview below conducted with the guys will fill you in on everything you need to know about them. They're debut track is called, ‘Future Lovers of House' and features Roland Clark. It's a fabulous, happy house track and there's no doubt these guys are going to make some noise very very soon.

Son of 8 pull in influences from all across the dance music spectrum, fused together by lush piano keys and delicate strings. Their sound is something that could be heard both at the super clubs of Ibiza and the touring festivals of the US. Son of 8 has a uniqueness to their sound that is simply electrifying and overwhelming. Check out their debut track and interview below. Hope you all enjoy and support Son of 8.

So, for those not in the know – can you tell us a bit about Son Of 8?
“We are two DJs and music producers from Liverpool and have been friends for 20 years. We have been ghost producing, producing and DJing separately under various names for a long time. However, around 3 years ago we started working in the studio together on a joint project and Son of 8 was born. We have been in the studio together ever since, busy working on new material – it is nice to be finally working on our own stuff rather than doing bits and pieces for other people. We stopped ghost producing and working on other people’s tracks to develop our own sound, we now have around 20 tracks almost finished and tons of projects half finished. We have releases throughout 2016 on Zulu, Armada Deep and various other labels so the production side of things is going well.”

Your new track ‘Future Lovers Of House’ features the legendary Roland Clark – what’s the story behind the track?
“We love Roland Clark’s voice and the classic Chicago house sound he gives to tracks, so he was someone we always wanted to work with. We jumped at the chance to work with him as he is a legend. The lyrics reflect the fact that there is a whole new generation of clubbers discovering the sound of good house music throughout the world. There are a few references to Ibiza where we usually are for most of the summer. We worked in a studio there last year and we will be doing the same and DJing there this summer too.”

It’s also your debut release – would you say that this is a good example of the Son Of 8 sound?
“This is one of the many sounds of Son of 8. We love a good jacking, driving, house beat – we produce a few different styles but we always make sure it’s all about house. We produce a full range of sounds from underground chugging tech house to more commercial piano-driven vocal anthems and anything in between depending on how we are feeling in the studio. We listen to so much music and are always trying to come up with new sounds, we tend to sample a lot of sounds when we are on tour and we’re suckers for a new piece of kit in the studio. From a DJing point of view our sets can range from quirky cool tech sounds to full-on vocal anthems. We really are against the straight down the middle, pigeon holed way that dance music has gone over time with a lot of DJs playing it safe and sticking to a very limited and restricted selection of genres. It is very important to us that we feel all the tracks we play are really good tracks – it’s all about the music. Whether underground or commercial, if we listen and love it we will play it. We know how to have a party and the feedback we have got on our live sets has been amazing – it’s good to see that our taste is liked by a lot of people.”

We hear you’re going to be the residents at judgement in Ibiza all summer – how did that happen?
“We got signed by Fresh DJs last August after they heard our music and Judge Jules is also on their roster. We met him a few times over the winter and sent him some of our tracks which he liked. He is an absolute legend when it comes to Ibiza and the whole dance music scene. He wanted to take Judgment a bit more house music-orientated this summer and freshen up the night with some changes so he approached us in February to be residents for the summer and bring our brand of cool, jacking, driving, vocal house music with us for the summer. We are so excited to play all 14 dates every Friday from 24 June to 30 September and work with the Judgment crew on island. Eden has had a new sound system and total refit so we are excited to get in the club and play. We will be DJing at the pre parties and some other venues on the island which will be announced soon.”

What else is in the pipeline for Son Of 8?
“We are doing a UK tour prior to Judgment kicking off in Ibiza which includes the main stage at We Are FSTVL on May 29, which we are really excited for. We’re going to be pretty busy playing live and we have just shot our first Music Video which was fun and have another one in a few weeks’ time to do. We’ve got a release coming out on Armada Deep that we think is going to be big, that’s out in April. We will be at the IMS in Ibiza in May which is always a good event – we’re gutted we can’t be at the Miami WMC this year but we are too busy in the studio. Hopefully we will be playing out there next year. We also have a lot of collaborations with some big acts over the next few months in the studio but we can’t tell you who with at the moment. Sorry! There is a lot in the pipeline at the moment and it is going to be a really exciting and fun year.”

Son of 8 on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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