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Nora En Pure EDM Sauce Interview

Whether you are an EDM fanatic or not, chances are you have probably heard of the talented swiss artist, Nora En Pure. Her hit single ‘Come With Me' spent 7 months on the Beatport Top 100, and reached over two million plays on soundcloud alone.

Last week I was blessed with the amazing opportunity of attending her No Xcuses live set, as well as performing my first ever interview. During her set, I was really impressed with the incorporation of diverse instruments as well as her ability to radiate genuine good energy to the crowd. While I realized that night that I definitely had a lot to learn as far as interviewing goes, I will forever be thankful that for my first interview I was fortunate enough to land on such a kind hearted and patient artist.

Despite the nerves, somehow I still managed to squeeze out a few questions regarding subjects such as Nora's musical inspirations, her collaborations with other artists, and life on the road as a successful and prominent DJ.Poskovic_Uma-1
[quote_box_center] Where do you drive most of your musical inspiration from?
It always depends, but before I started touring I know that my songs were mostly driven by the urge to travel somewhere. I'm used to traveling to very exotic countries, and it inspires my sound a lot. More recently I let myself be inspired by the sounds around the world. Everywhere you play is such a different sound in that particular country.[/quote_box_center]


[quote_box_center] Does your sound change from country to country? Where do you prefer playing in?
Yes it (my sound) does very much, very much. The trends are very different in each country, people appreciate different sounds. I love actually North America.[/quote_box_center]


[quote_box_center] Is it hard to balance touring with making music?
Yes, before I had much more time. Now the touring got much more intense. I can't really create anything while touring, I do a couple of drops on my Laptop, but I need the proper studio to really create something.[/quote_box_center]


[quote_box_center] Has collaborating with other DJ's changed the way you produce music or the style of music you produce on your own?
All of them (artists she has collaborated with) have an amazing quality in their sound. It's been good working with them, but especially in collaborations it can be quite challenging. To create a track together you need to be much more open. You have your ideas, and they might propose something your opposed to at first. But I think it's a good thing, you learn more and your not so narrow minded.[/quote_box_center]

[bctt tweet=”To create a track together you need to be much more open.”]


[quote_box_center] A lot of DJ's today are struggling with being categorized into subsections of EDM, do you find it difficult for yourself to escape that categorization?
Actually not at all, I consider myself as a pretty unique music. I do what I love, I don't mind what genre it could be.[/quote_box_center]


[quote_box_center] If you were to close your eyes and envision your “happy place,” where would that be?
Always South Africa. I spend a lot of time when I am down there in the wilderness where there is nothing. In the middle of the night you hear nothing, the only thing you hear is the noises of the animals… and I do have a lot of organic sounds in my soundtracks like water flowing inspired by that.[/quote_box_center]


[quote_box_center] Other than EDM, what kind of music inspires you the most?
There's too much noise going on at the moment for me right now in the music world. At the moment I enjoy the more soft, calm music. When I am at home relaxing I listen to mostly classical music. I love piano.[/quote_box_center]

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Listening to Nora En Pure's music, you will quickly realize that it is very difficult to categorize her. Though there is a close relation to deep house, her use of organic sounds and worldly inspiration are clearly reflected in her production. As a result, her music offers much more content than your usual deep house drop… something I would describe plainly as unique. In the end, it was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to sit down and talk with someone so sincere and down to earth. If you have yet to explore her soundcloud, I would recommend doing so with the link below!
Nora En Pure's Soundcloud

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