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Music, Visions, & Goals, 2016 Is Going To Be MOTi’s Year [EDM Sauce Interview]

It hasn't been long since we've last spoken with Timo Romme, also known as MOTi, but just like a New York minute, things change incredibly quickly in the world of dance music. One new remix here, one new original there, and ones brand or identity can change instantaneously. And for MOTi over the past 365 days, his brand and identity has done just that, changed.

Hitting the scene hard just a few short years ago, the dutch producer rose to prominence under the identity of big room house. Releasing chart topping tracks with the likes of W&WTiëstoand Blasterjaxx, and a few of his own originals along the way, this unknown became known very quickly. Lucky enough for us, we had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with the young dutch up-start once again and to be frank, each interview continues to get better and better, just like the music MOTi has been releasing.

See below for the entire interview and trust us, you will not be disappointed by this one! Keep in mind this was the day before valentines day, so we had to start it off with some valentines day questions.

So MOTi, welcome back to New York! So with the clock striking midnight it's officially valentines day. Most of us know you have a lucky lady back home, any valentines day surprises or gifts? 

“Well no actually! So last year, I was the one who was in charge of planning it. I did this whole nice day revolving around her, and of course this year I am New York, freezing cold New York! Well I don't actually mind the weather, I'm just not prepared for it! So back to Valentines day, so because I am not home, my girlfriend got lucky and was like HAHA (expletive) I don't have to do anything because you're not here!”

Oh man, well whatever you do tomorrow I hope it's enjoyable and you send some flowers to her back home. So New York, tell me a little bit about what this city means to you and how do you see it fitting into the global market? 

“So New York to me is one of the first major cities I made a splash in. With all the different places to play like Webster Hall and Marquee, and now Hammerstein Ballroom, there is so much to this city that makes it unique. Like with Webster Hall, I can walk in there and play a festival set, and the crowd just absolutely loves it. Then I go to Marquee and the crowd is a little different, a little more intimate. But that is what makes this city so great. There are so many different things to do, places to see, and venues to play! I really do love coming back here every time.”

New Year, new music, and it has becoming increasingly more obvious you have a lot of it up your sleeve. With new tracks with the likes of Bassjackers, DVBBS, Tiësto, and a new original coming out on February 22nd, tell us a little bit about your musical direction and where you see yourself taking that in 2016? 

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“I think the direction I am trying to go in, is my ability to make more songs. When I first started really producing I was really focused on making club bangers and or festival bangers. I still want to make those festival ready tracks, but people sit at home and listen to spotify and want those more casual relaxing tracks, something less banging. But what I really want to do is to be able to create a true schedule. So three weeks hard touring, then back in the studio for a few weeks. Being able to focus on one thing at a time really helps and that's something me and my management team are working on as we speak!”

At the end of January you released a very unique remix of “Killer” featuring Seal. Tell me a little bit about what it was like using vocals from a track that was produced all the way back in the 90's?

It was difficult because if you get vocals from this era, it is a lot more clean and you can process it a lot easier. But yeah, the Seal vocals were already processed with a lot of reverb and compression already on it. So the answer was not easy, but it was a lot of fun. Being able to work with vocals such as Seals, is always fun and continues to show how we keep intertwining all genres of music from all era's into dance music. 


With dance music being heavily categorized into specific sub-genres over the past few years, do you see yourself sliding into any one specific category or do you prefer to stay fluid and bounce around? 

I really do try to experiment and do what I want to do, but people thought I was making the MOTi sound. And now I am trying to switch it up a little bit and people are asking what are you doing, why are you changing your sound? To be honest, I never tried to go for any one specific sound, I always produce whatever I want. No matter what sound or genre I am producing, I really believe if you look into the track, you can find that one specific sound or one specific idea that holds true to all my tracks, that makes it the MOTi track. 

Branding, it has become a huge deal over the past year and has really been the backbone for artists to rise to prominence on a global scale. Tell me a little bit about how you and your team are looking to grow the MOTi brand in 2016? 

It is something I didn't really pay attention to over the past year to be honest with you. And looking back on it, I am realizing it now, just how important it is. So yeah, I am not sure to be perfectly honest, but it definitely starts with social media. Posting X amount of photos each week, producing new content for your fans, staying up to date and answer questions that my fans may have. One thing that's actually super cool right now, that I am loving, is Facebook mentions. So I can live stream my sets, my studio sessions, pretty much my entire life. Letting my fans in on the real me is the best way I can myself growing my brand.”

Ok, now something fun! Give me one quick fun fact that your fans don't currently know about you?

“Ummmmmm this question always gets me. It's so hard to think that quickly, no no, wait I got it! But actually I am not that fun, totally kidding! One time I was playing a set and you know when you are DJing and you have to pee, you can't just leave the stage, so I peed in a cup. That was definitely an interesting experiencing and no one knew I did it!”

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So last question Sir, new year, new you, finish off with a few different things you want to accomplish this upcoming year?

I never started with a radio show, I think that's important. Build a brand, maybe a label, but not there just yet. Overall I think the most important thing is growth and I definitely see myself doing that this year. I am super excited for what 2016 has to bring and I can not wait to show my fans, what I have been working on!”

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