Mat Zo has always shown versatility in his production skills, from ‘Damage Control' to everything before, after and in between. However, Mat Zo's forthcoming album may be the best testament to his talents yet.

With the album to be released in about one month, — according to Mat Zo's Twitter yesterday — Mat Zo decided to give fans their first taste of what the album might entail. Sadly, Mat Zo did not release singles from the album (yet), but instead, Mat Zo released “rejected” demos that did not quite make the cut to be included on the album.

At the moment, Mat Zo has released five demos (below), each of which possessing its own unique beauty, but each of which bringing one thought to my mind. “If these are the demos that were not good enough… then I cannot even fathom what Mat Zo has planned for the actual album.”

Early February cannot come soon enough, but until then enjoy these amazing rejects as we wait for the two singles planned to arrive before the full album release!

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