Mal Harper
Mal Harper, owner/founder of MalLabel Music

This editorial is dedicated to the individuals who make this industry great but always fly Under The Radar.

This month we've shined the spotlight on one of the most consistent bass music imprints in the business, MalLabel Music, which has been delivering top notch tunes since 2008, most of them entirely for free. We were able to get in touch with the queen bee herself, Mal Harper to get insight on what it's like to run a dance music label in 2015.

The Widdler
Suds live



Mal Harper, a philosphy and business major, became involved in the electronic music scene just shy of a decade ago. After throwing some events of her own, Mal decided to put her education and experience to the test and assembled a team to create a forward thinking label to expose her numerous, musical friends and expand on her own passion for alternative bass-driven electronica.

Raquel Divar
Raquel Divar


Mal's modern and creative business practices has made MalLabel Music grow into one of the most respected and well known brands in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has celebrated releases with veteran acts like Mimosa, The Widdler, Liquid StrangerG Jones, and Minnesota to name a few. Even though MalLabel is bigger than it's ever been, it remains a haven for the underground sound and serves as a launching pad for some of today's most aspiring young artists.

We cover all of this and more in the first edition of the Under The Radar podcast.

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