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Getting to Know Flapo & Jenni Potts (Exclusive Interview)

Remix contests have completely lost their innocence. They're difficult to win, not conducive to building confidence, and require some resonance that seems like magic to grab someone's attention.

So when Flapo decided to take the stems from Odesza and remix “White Lies,” he didn't even bother entering the famous group's remix contest. Instead, he won a contest with himself and made something he enjoyed. As lore would have it, he released the “experiment” (listen here) of a track as a free download and it caught the ear of the single's collaborator, Jenni Potts. They started working together soon after.

“It was one of the most unexpected things to happen this year,” Flapo said. “It made me really happy.”

A Colombian now based in Miami, Flapo has quickly become the name to watch in post-summer 2015 electronic music. And he's not what you might expect, either. There's nothing flashy or outlandish about Flapo's image or music. In fact, it's very “Odesza-like,” infused with melancholy vibrance and clean, simple music.

“I grew up playing guitar and bass and then I kind of discovered hip-hop and actually started making beats. I spent a lot of years making a lot of electro and progressive house but I guess I wasn't completely happy because it wasn't natural for me.”

After going through some trying times, his music went through a shift. One that led to a renaissance of sorts.

“For a long time, I felt like the music I was making wasn't entirely an interpretation of my feelings… it (the down period) marked a shift in my life, a shift in genre and a shift in how I hear and write music, so I'm thankful for that.”

His new album, tentatively coming in early 2016, will feature Potts and other ridiculous talent like Mothica, Jordan Sheath, Layna, and fellow Colombian native Andrea Silva.

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“This album is the story of my break-up, how I dealt with it and got over it. But on the other hand, it's also the story of how I found myself, went back to my roots and started making the music that I truly love.”

Seattle-based mega talent Jenni Potts relates to Flapo's style – not to mention his emotional expression through a strong creative voice. Potts brings plenty of soul and “dream pop” to electronic music that it desperately needs.

“Flapo's song has an overall positive feel to it but there's a sort of depth that I felt inspired by,” Potts said. “I don't generally feel comfortable divulging detailed information on my lyrical content but I will say that my lyrics for this track are about the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction.”

Potts, whose solo career includes acoustic work, brings emotion to her tunes with a West Coast ease. Their collaboration is seamless.

“I'm always producing new solo electronic music and acoustic music as well. I'm not sure when my next electronic album will come out but I share new songs all the time via SoundCloud.”

Her musical style meshes perfectly with the melodic prowess of Flapo, who uses plenty of musical elements in his songs.

Check out more from Flapo and Jenni Potts below and see when they're coming to town near you.

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