Join us for another episode of Glitch in the System tonight. Hosts TwEQ and DrDee drop some funky goodness on the decks and another memorable night of bass music from New Zealand's RDU 98.5 station with new tunes, and plenty of quality entertainment… plus exclusive interviews and more.

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TIME: Live on air from 7:30-9:30 P.M. on Wednesday in New Zealand.

US TIME: With daylight savings, we're back to normally scheduled time (one day behind). Same time, except we are on Tuesday nights and they are on humpday. Tacos for us, Wub wub for them.

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1. Shwex & Mumukshu – Hidden Anomaly

Get it here on Bandcamp. Previewed last week, awesome collab.

2. Minnesota – Colors ft. Jackie Rain

Awesome track here from Minnesota and singer Jackie Rain. Get it on iTunes here.

3. Alon Mor – Adra Posel

Alon Mor's take on IDM is galactic level at this point. Tipper meets Kursa? Get it here.

4. Faux Fur – Edge of the Night

New release on Adapted Records, grab it here!

5. Muavaise Pioche – Striking Peal

Check out the new comp from Glitch Hop Community here, “Crunchy French.”


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