Feeling a bit paranoid lately at music festivals? Well according to LA Weekly, there may be a well warranted reason for that.

Agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency may be keeping an eye on you at music festivals.

It was reported that DEA agents made five drug-related arrests at Nocturnal Wonderland in Devore over Labor Day weekend.

Given the high profile deaths that have taken place at dance music festivals in the United States in recent years, DEA spokesman Timothy Massino says that this could become more common.

“There's clearly a huge synthetic drug problem in the scene,” Massino said. “It's rampantly distributed. Based on the increased prevalence of the stuff, I could see being asked to do this more often — to come out and assist with these operations.”

“The state and local agencies are cracking down,” Massino told us. “If they invite us, odds are we're going to come play.”

How do you feel that DEA agents are amidst the crowds at music festivals?