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MOONZz – Satisfy

Connected to the moon as though it has been calling her for all her life, Los Angeles based artist/ songwriter MOONZz enters the music landscape with her debut original single, “Satisfy” out now on Taste and Tone.

Having already solidified herself in the LA electronic scene as one of the most highly sought after vocalists/ writers/ collaborators, MOONZz has earned the support and stamp of approval from serious producers such as: KRNE, Dr. Fresch, Brasstracks, Alexander Lewis, David Heartbreak, Luca Lush, AWE, Attom, Prince Fox, JNTHN STEIN, Patriot, as well as many more. 

Her sultry voice has a mesmerizing quality which allures the unsuspecting listener into a false state of comfort before being chopped, sampled, and repurposed into a forward thinking, electronic// future-pop cut that leaves you feeling as though you just reached the peak of an all-nighter, watching the sun overtake themoon at the dawn of a new day. 

“… And just like the moon, part of her was always hidden away.” 

She’s the light in the dark; dependable like clockwork, but mysterious in her form. We claim to know so much about her, but only ever see half her face. And when she is full, we stare and admire her beauty, and are reminded to trust in the phases: of life, of youth, of habits, of bliss, of the moon. 

She marks the boundary of where humans have ever dared to explore; the boundary of what we know for sure. Only those brave enough to explore the unknown, will ever truly understand the side she never shows. 

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