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Fans Upset Kaskade Remixed Bieber: “I Am About The Music”

Many fans have voiced out their concern as Kaskade's remix of Jack Ü and Justin Bieber's “Where Are Ü Now” recently went live.

Soon after Kaskade posted the remix to his Facebook fan page, many people vented by stating “UNFOLLOWED,” and “I don't understand why you did that, I respect your work, but definitely not supposed to make a remix to this track, it's a waste, my total contempt for justin bieber and Jack U.”

It didn't take long before Kaskade responded defending his work. He wrote “Lots of people discovering my music these days so I will explain some things to you. I see here all sorts of folks bent out of shape cuz I remixed a pop song with the Biebs. So – this is how I do it. Close your eyes and listen to the music. Do you like the song? I do. I don't really care who is singing it. If the song is good and I like it and I have time and they ask – I remix it. I am about the music. Now – if you have a problem with the kid personally that's on you. That is your problem and I will let you handle that. Ask yourself this – if you didn't know it was him singing would you like it? Yep, you would cuz it's good. Nobody likes a liar. And now…it's time for tacos.”

Preach it Kaskade!

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