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Flashback Friday: Gabriel & Dresden Share Classic Tracks

Classics always bring a wave of nostalgia over myself, but what do they mean to artists? We were able to hear the inspiration and stories behind trance duo, Gabriel & Dresden's most influential tracks.

New Order – Someone Like You (Gabriel & Dresden Vocal Mix)

“Everyone knows exactly where they were on the morning of September 11th 2001. But, our 9-11 story isn't just your average, “I was making coffee and watching ‘Good Morning America'” one. The day before, We had started on our first-ever project together. It was a remix for the band New Order and their song “Someone Like You” and after one day of work we were pretty happy with how the track was coming and our chemistry in the studio. At approximately 6:30am the next day, Josh walks into Dave's room where he was sleeping with this crazy look in his face: “you have to come to the TV right now!!! Someone just flew a plane into the World Trade Center!!” For the next 3 hours we watched the whole thing unfold on live TV. All kinds of emotions ran through our heads: Fear, anger, sadness, the whole 9 yards.Even though there was a major world disaster happening live, we knew we needed to get to work because the remix had a deadline. But, how do you work when the world is about to go off the rails? We don't know how we found the inspiration to make music that day, or that week, but we did, and the track came out great and was released on the single.”
Gabriel & Dresden feat Molly Bancroft “Tracking Treasure Down” 

We'd love to tell you that we labored over the writing of “Tracking Treasure Down” for weeks and months, but the truth is that the song's lyrics were not only written in the space of 20 minutes, but all the vocals were recorded that same day. 

Above & Beyond “No One on Earth” (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)

At our first-ever UK gig in September 2003, there were these 3 very polite English gentleman who had come to hang out with us and have a chat. They were Tony, Paavo and Jono of the group Above & Beyond. 
We were familiar with them because of the remix they had done for Charka “Home” in 2000 which was an instant classic and also their remix for Madonna, “What It Feels Like For a Girl” but didn't know much else about them.That night they told us about how much they loved Motorcycle “As The Rush Comes. They really wanted to remix it but we had already blown our remix budget on the Armin Van Buuren remix. What to do??, what to do!!Tony came up with the idea that we could “swap” remixes. They remix “As The Rush Comes” and in turn we would remix one of their upcoming singles. Sounds fair, we thought. They did their mix, it came out great and then we waited. Waited for the boys to give us a song to remix.
In January 2004, that song arrived in our email called “No One on Earth”. Dave was going through a huge breakup, so he really connected to the song. We decided together to make the production of this remix his therapy. It went on to become the #1 song on A State of Trance radio show for that year, and still a huge trance anthem to this day. Suppose our ploy worked, then!
Motorcycle “As The Rush Comes” 

The funny thing about “As The Rush Comes” is that it so easily could never have happened.We had met the vocalist Jes Brieden a couple of months earlier at a club in LA, and really loved her voice. So much so that we invited her up to San Fran to write and record for a weekend in September of 2002. On our first day we wrote and recorded vocals for a song called “Imagination.”On our second day together we wrote another song together called “My Blue Heart”. 2 days, 2 songs. We were feeling pretty good about how things were going, so we decided to record a cover. We did Psychedelic Furs “Love My Way”.Feeling as if we kinda crushed it, we went and had a huge Middle Eastern dinner and smoked the hookah to celebrate our seemingly great studio fortunes. Feeling confident about what we accomplished, we didn't go back to the studio that night. And JES was scheduled to leave around noon the next day.The next morning we all woke up super early. Josh made the suggestion, “let's go down to the studio, maybe we can squeeze another song out?”We loaded up an instrumental track we had been working on and JES immediately got behind the Microphone. We were gonna try and write and record this song on the fly.Josh had jotted down some words he thought of a few days earlier when his friend Lisa K had gotten into a car accident.”Traveling Somewhere, could be anywhere, there's a coldness in the air, but I don't care.”Over the course of the next two hours, we wrote the rest of the song together, and recorded all of the vocal parts needed to make it. We even had enough time to get some coffee before we brought JES to the airport.

Depeche Mode – Here is the House (Gabriel & Dresden Bootleg)

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Bootleg remixes…they're usually half-baked attempts at getting a song that won't fit into your set, into your set. Basically, they come and go because you usually only spend a limited amount of time on them, enough to produce something that honors the song and makes it work on the dance floor.
For years before, Dave used to play “Here is the House”, a song from Depeche Mode's 1985 album “Black Celebration” live over other tracks while he was DJing. To him, it was one of the most under-rated Depeche Mode songs. One afternoon in July 2003, Dave was doing a little DJ jam session in the living room of the house we lived in on Corbett Ave in San Francisco. Dave started playing “Here is the House” over another song and Josh was like “Holy shit!! “Here is the House” – i love that song!!” Dave: Oh yeah?? i've been wanting to make a remix of this song for years

Josh: Well, today is' your lucky day, let's do it!! The result of that afternoon's (maybe) 6 hours of work became one of our most loved remixes ever. So much so, that we had Andain make a cover version of it for our Bloom 2-CD compilation released the following year.

Gabriel & Dresdent

Gabriel & Dresden

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