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Peace Is The Mission With Nyla On This Hybrid Moombahton Track

This is more than an individual music post. Light it up is one of the main songs I like on this album but when Major Lazer released Peace Is The mission, it caught fire. Only because Diplo perclaimed how long it took & dedication his crew put into it. I've been following Major Lazer from the beginning back in 2007-2008 & their sound completely progressed from Dance Hall to what you hear now. The simple fact that you can get any genre out of them & it sound good is amazing. Moombahton wise, Major Lazer & especially Diplo brought it & I'm still sure Moombahton will grow because of it. It's still at the point that you need to listen carefully to identify Moombahton but to a vet it's very clear. Peace Is The Mission.. Let's make it true.

~Moombahsauce out


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