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Dillon Francis & Skrillex Makes Another Banger, Bun Up The Dance

The little relationship that Dillon Francis & Skrillex has is becoming bigger than anyone really expected. Especially for the Moombahton heads out there. Now a days were more underground since Munchi & the other big wigs are on a..whats the right word.. “hiatus”. Don't get me wrong, the lesser names have just as big of a punch as Dillon & Skrillex. Tangent starting.. The Moombahton track that they have out, sounds more Dim Bow than what you sometimes hear now a days. None the less, you'll catch me blasting this out my window on a mediocre summer day to see if anyone else in my small neighborhood knows the talented acts that i do. DJs, get a copy & make sure the you get the crowd dancing. Comical & “Twerk worthy”, booty shorts are calling for this. Long story short, Bun Up the Dance.

@Moombahsauce out..


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