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Mat Zo
Mat Zo


What Mat Zo’s Twitter Rant Really Means [Opinion]

Within the last hour, I have seen headlines from other news publications stating that “Mat Zo Calls out Tiesto […]”. Rather than saying Mat Zo has become “unleashed” or on a so-called “Twitter rampage” let's read a bit deeper into the tweets.

Here, we can see that Mat Zo does indeed have a very valid argument. Cliques, personas, the things that we see with the rise of an artist. I'm not going to call anyone out here because that would not fit the purpose of this Editorial. Moving down to the second tweet, he makes his claim very relative to us all. We can all remember the clicks in high school. Back in my high school days there were the preps, goths, jocks, and nerds (I was in the latter). Mat Zo is bringing the cliques of the Music Industry that we do not see into light. The meaningless Clothing, inner circles of giants, etc.

Here is where it all begins to unfold. The message of it all.

How does a prominent figure relay a message and gain coverage? Controversy is a great way to do it but Mat Zo also has his art.

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This message has been understated by all the coverage I have seen.

Lets think about Paris Hilton. Why did she become a DJ? How was it possible? Because Richard and Kathy Hilton funded this poor excuse for a “celebrity”.

After this portion Mat Zo gets into talking a lot about the “nerds” and “geeks” of the industry. The true people that have the passion for art. People that do not use ghost producers or other means to make their music a product of their business. These artists are all of you producers reading this article. The ones that spend endless hours in a bedroom making the best songs we haven't heard yet. Heck, there is this producer I found this time last year called Mapps and he is producing on a small island in the middle of nowhere and he makes some of the best chill music I have ever heard. His message: you are all great. You are the producers of tomorrow that are going to make this industry what it is. Don't pollute it with greed. Don't forget where you came from. Don't become some fabricated persona and stay true to your virtues.

At this point, I digress. The purpose of this article is to inform of the false representation that Mat Zo has been receiving from click-bait articles that don't care for the integrity of the industry. Rather, they care for their personal gain just as the “artists” that Mat Zo was “calling out”. At the end of the day, I admire Mat Zo so sticking to his virtues and attempting to inform the masses.

Mat Zo, if you indeed reading this… I hope that I have accurately portrayed your message.

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