Every year DJ Mag releases the list of the Top 100 DJ's, but they also release a yearly list of the Top 100 Clubs in the World. Ever wonder where these clubs are? I bet you've heard of some, but definitely not all of them. To make things easier I put all of the Top 100 clubs of 2015 onto a map of the World for you to see, according to it's actual address.

Maybe you are planning a trip to Europe and want to hit up the best clubs, or traveling to Las Vegas and want to do it big, hitting all of the best nightclubs, well now you have a map showing exactly where they are located. The label next to a point on the map is the rank according to DJ Mag. When you click on a point it gives you additional information as to the rank, name, address, club capacity and notes of whether the club has permanently closed down. All that is left for you is to plan your trip. Navigate around the World in this fun interactive map.

The colors coincide with Club Rank (according to DJ Mag).
Red = 1-25
Yellow = 26-50
Green = 51 – 75
Blue = 76 – 100

How many of the Top 100 Clubs have you been to?

Click here for the full list of DJ Mag's Top 100 Clubs for 2015

Photo Credit: Rukes

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