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Alias Project Revealed: “Nite School Klik” is DJ Shadow and G Jones

The infamous mastermind behind a number of revolutionary electronic mixes and creations like “Entroducing“, DJ Shadow recently unveiled another trick up his sleeve in an interview with Billboard. He's been cooking up a new project that's got plenty of legs and even Rolling Stone jumped in to cover the story (Read here). Teaming up with fellow Bay Area native G Jones (who is 19 years his junior), they recently put out a couple tracks under Shadow's label “Liquid Amber” under the alias “Nite School Klik.” Check out their latest single called “Nice Nightmares.”

G Jones is exploding in 2015 and he's set to open for Bassnectar at Red Rocks during one of his trio of dates this weekend at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater. It's palpable to hear his influence in these new tunes on Nite School Klik, which includes another track along with this one called “Posse.” Stay tuned for more and follow the Liquid Amber label. Their project has deep cuts in the Bay Area.

Shadow explained in the interview, “I was like “what if we did this as an alias or mystery artist and didn't come right out and say what it was?” We didn't want to make it a permanent thing where we'd have to wear masks at every gig or anything. We just wanted to hit people out of the blue. We wanted it to be heavy and have a sci-fi angle. We wanted to make the music we were playing, which is definitely not festival trap. It's a sound that's hard to put your finger on… It has a bit of Bay Area hyphy-ness to it. It's based on our own version of the beat scene and all the beatmakers that are out there. That's the stuff we identify with. That's the stuff we play. And that's the stuff we wanted to make. We're keeping it open-ended and fun.”

G Jones addressed their age gap in the interview and how they approached the Liquid Amber release.

“Shadow had the idea of doing it as a mystery on his label to get people hyped on the music before revealing who was behind it,” Jones said. “Partially so it wouldn't be people seeing it as just DJ Shadow and some young kid. I think it's a good one because we could get the music out there, and kind of be stoked on it not just through the lens of ‘what's Shadow doing now?' and more like ‘what's this new weird stuff?' We're trying to make something that sounds like cool, contemporary and heavy hitting Bass Music that's between genres. Something a bit more experimental – songs as opposed to DJ tracks.”

Read the full interview with Billboard here.

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