Hey are you bored at home? Do you want to blow out every window in your house? Cool, grab your best speakers because 12th Planet, Trollphace, and JuJu's monster new collab “Spilly Talker” sure can do that. What more can you expect on a track from 3 dudes who flipped dubstep on its side when they hit the scene (for those of you who don't know JuJu I would definitely check him out and you'll see what I mean)? The build ups include some very nice verses from Omar Linx but my goodness the sound design on this is incredible. You can really feel the signature style of each of these producers, most prominently underlined by that driving bass that Trollphace has cultivated. 12th planet and JuJu added some complexity that really adds a new feel to Trollphace's signature simplicity. This ones available for pre-order on iTunes, and drops March 17th so be sure and grab a download then. Until then you can always enjoy it for free on Soundcloud below.

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