Last friday I witnessed the Executioner stage one more time, for the last time, at Stereo Live in Houston, Texas and all I can say is my body was not ready. The 150k watt stage packed the entire Seahawks stadium into a nightclub, and I'll tell you right now it is something you have to experience. The display is impeccable too, on par with mainstage displays at many festivals, and even better than some festivals mainstages. The performances from not only Excision, but Protohype and Minnesota were top notch- each of them is bringing their A-game. As a long time Excision fan, I'm tempted to say this was his hardest set I've seen to date, and my brain tingles thinking about what could possibly be the successor to a truly magical display and experience. The tour is still well underway, with dates set all the way into June so be sure to check and see if he'll be playing in your city soon! You can purchase tickets on his personal website here. Be sure to check out Excision's newest album Codename: X as well!

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“But wait don't forget the little guys!” Hold your horses, who could ever forget about Protohype or Minnesota? These two DJ's can most definitely hold their own, and if you haven't spent time checking out their music, I suggest you do that right now. Protohype was the first opener, and I have never seen a first opener draw the crowd that he did at Stereo and there's good reason. Minnesota was really the one who impressed me though, his ability to spin is something that should be praised, and I have spent much of this week listening to him more and more. Check out some of their stuff here:

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