Maarten Hoogstraten of the Bingo Players has had to deal with many changes in his own life and artistically since the passing of Paul. He recently sat down with MTV to discuss how he's getting things back on track and the musical direction he's taking.

Maarten explained he knew he had to keep Bingo Players going to honor Paul. He now tries to keep Paul's presences in all Bingo Players music by trying to think about what Paul would like during his creative process of making new music.

Since a lot electro house is beginning to sound the same, a lot of producers have been changing up their styles. To make himself stand out, Maarten draws major influence from the artists who've paved the way for dance music the way we know it,

My style of music and the taste I have is probably more in the nostalgic realm of dance – Daft Punk, Prodigy etc. and then Rock music is a long time passion. I try to bring these in and if you use what really inspires you, rather than what you think people want to hear. You will stand out.

Along with Daft Punk, Def Leopard has also been a major influence for Bingo Players over the years. They even named their record label Hysteria after Def Leopard's album ‘Hytseria'.

Maarten definitely has some big plans for Bingo Players in 2015, ‘I’m back in the studio with a whole host of amazing singers, songwriters and producers so there will be plenty more music on the way'. Check out the full article here.

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