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Felda Artist's Photo
Felda Artist's Photo

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Watch out for Felda!

Twenty Fifteen is ramping up to be an excellent year for electronic music. Especially as the number of underground artists who have exploded onto the scene in the past few months have completely revolutionized the term “Banger”.

Questions is, can we predict who will be the next big hit? We've certainly been trying ever since the creation of music itself… If I could make a bet though, I'd put my money on Felda.

Haven't heard of Felda? No problem there, neither did we. Until stumbling upon one of their under-heard tracks completely took us by surprise.

This one is a mashup featuring the best of their latest track (Knock Out) and Pyramids DVBBS & Dropgun.

After four years of meddling beneath the surface of the mainstream the “off and on” tag team production consisting of Austin Dunham and Mitch Mullins have gone full time into EDM production. And as their work progressively gets better we decided to take them into an interview.

In conversation, the two up and coming producers of the duo have terrific knowledge into the production process and moreover, have high aspirations and many honourable role models.  Asking them about their history, favourite genres, talents and process- here's what we got:

  • Austin Dunham (the founder of the group) had been introduced to the likes of EDM form a very early age. First introduced to the pop hits and trance classics of Armin Van Buren, Tiesto, and more trance hits- inspiration was immediate. Later in life, in his first year of high school, he had stumbled upon Tiesto’s tracks elements of life and maximal crazy… Instantly hooked on the fringe “craziness” of the genre Austin D. (the soon to be  founder of Felda) was immediately drawn to the scene…. Never turning back, Austin has been experimenting with sounds and electronics ever since.
  • Mitch Mullins- with a similar history to Skrillex- started in the hard rock, punk and scream genres being introduced to EDM when he met Austin in high school. Slowly being converted to the early European EDM sounds and techniques.  Upon hearing the Porter Robinson “Unison” – Knife Party Remix, he became hooked indefinitely. And after hearing the unforgettable buildup and high energy of that track; Mitch’s life and music tastes were changed for the better delving into the EDM genres more and more. Soon after coming on board with Austin both individuals were inspired by the likes of Porter Robinson, Knife Party, Wild Styles and Adrenalize. Both members of Felda still look to these artists an many more for continuing inspiration. Four years ago this month the two founded Felda- smashing stuff together and experimenting in the comfort of FL studio. Mitch himself brings a classically trained ear to the group while Austin, a creative and energetic vibe. Both helping define the soon to be iconic Felda sound.

Both individuals collaborate on tracks in the same digital audio workspace (DAW). They find that using FL Studio 11 and previous versions has given them (like many others) a simpler workflow and stable platform, easily helping them to get there hits out of the concept phase and into a final fully mastered track.

We all know though, that the DAW doesn't matter, it is the Artist's creativity and finesse that makes the music, which is why we can't necessarily divulge everything they do, at least not just yet…

And as the name Felda may become more common in the next 6 months we can let the music speak for itself.

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Felda has completely rebooted their social media presence and as result been left a little underexposed.

We encourage you to like and follow them on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and beyond as more great hits rise and drop.


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