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Exclusive Premiere

Porter Robinson – Goodbye To A World (Disco’s Over Remix) [EDM Sauce Exclusive Premiere]

About two months ago, Tom Brooks of Disco's Over sent me a remix. Today, I am proud to premiere that remix with Disco's Over and share the beauty they have created…

Porter Robinson's ‘Worlds' will likely go down in history as my favorite album of all-time and the Disco's Over remix of Porter's ‘Goodbye To A World' will certainly be joining the album's company in my heart. To remix a track off of ‘Worlds' is no easy task, many have tried and many have succeeded, but many have also failed. Tom and Lee's remix did not fail though, Disco‘s Over succeeded, why? Well Porter Robinson‘s ‘Worlds' was a unique album, an absolute work of art, unlike any other. Porter had a special mentality when producing each track, a mentality which is also necessary when attempting to remix each of Porter's tracks. Disco's Over succeeded because they shared that same mentality as Porter when remixing ‘Goodbye To A World', and they took a one of a kind track and they created a one of a kind remix. Tom and Lee may not have been aware of this mentality as they remixed ‘Goodbye To A World', but I asked them what exactly inspired them, as they remixed the track, they definitely had it. From their gracious chord progression to a perfect drop and even to a tribute to Porter's ‘Language', Disco's Over had the mentality, and they created what may be the greatest ‘Worlds' remix yet! Here's what the duo had to say:

“Having been a huge admirer of Porter's work pre and post ‘Worlds', we decided to remix a track that we could connect with in the purest way. The lyrics in the song really capture the emotion of what we both enjoy most in music and the ‘ode to Language' tribute at the end is enough to make a grown man cry.” – Tom

“We both fell in love with ‘Worlds' as we have with all of Porter's work. Doing this remix scared us both more than anything, but this was our way of not saying goodbye to ‘Worlds'.” – Lee

And without further ado, I present to you, Porter Robinson's ‘Goodbye To A World' remixed by Disco's Over…

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