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A giant warrior descends on Tokyo EP
A giant warrior descends on Tokyo EP

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‘A Giant Warrior Descends on Toyko EP’ from Feed Me is Coming Soon

On February 2nd Feed Me will be releasing his latest EP, A Giant Warrior Decends on Tokyo on his own label, Sotto Voce Records. A lot of edm fans won't like it. Its guaranteed not to have any of the following things:

  • Formulaic, big room progressions
  • Predictable lyrics
  • 128bpm
  • Bro-rage drops

Your average festival goer will completely ignore this EP.
Because they don't know what good electronic music is. They do not know original, complex, multi-genre, technological feats of wonder that set new trends and defy all expectations, blow your mind, music. They have no idea Feed Me even exists.

Despite his immense talent, Feed Me has remained (mercifully?) under the radar. We anticipate that changing in 2015 and 2016, mostly due to the overwhelming positive reviews of his Psychedelic Journey tour. The first released track for the Tokyo EP is Wuzzle, a track that Feed Me fans will undoubtedly recognize as the one he often played mixed with Orion during his tour last fall. It's not surprising that this was the track chosen to be the lead, as it was the subject of multiple discussion threads on Youtube and Reddit as fans scrambled to track it down shortly after hearing it live. For you unlucky folks who didn't see this tour in person, it was edmsauce's pick for the most loved live performances of 2014. You can see some highlights here. True to form, Wuzzle continues to be complex and genre defying, with some totally bizarre tribal beats (are those bongos? they sound like bongos…). We love it. We can always count on Feed Me (real name: Jon Gooch) to defy all expectations… in a good way. ありがとうございます – we can't wait to see what's on this EP.

Trivia: The lovable green monster Feed Me is a concept and design that Jon Gooch came up with on his own, and he does his own graphic design as well as animation.

Become a fan and stay tuned for more tracks:
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