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Bassnectar Talks About His Early Youth In The 80’s And 90’s, Hear His First Song

Bassnectar (Lorin Ashton) did an interesting interview with Echoes Radio about two months ago after his Madison Garden dates. The podcast has started to make its way around radio stations and the interview is a refreshing glimpse into his mind and early youth. In the session, he discusses his record collection, his first experiences with electronic music, and his lonely roots.

Growing up: “I was raised in a hippie commune. They became born again Christians when I was five and then they listened to Christian rock…”

On learning how to play instruments as a teen: “I went into a guitar store. There was 3 pictures of the guitar teachers and I choose the guy with long hair. The first time, I asked how to play ‘It Smells Like Teen Spirit… I had a Ghetto Blaster that allowed me to record on a tape. I just hit record and I would play for like 5 hours at a time and then go back and sample myself.”

His first released work: “”The first time I ever made a Bassnectar song, I remixed the soundtrack from the Shawhank Redemption and I had my friend Ananda sing over it. It's called ‘Ananda Enchanted' and I just put it up for free when I put up in 1998. It's a very downtempo track.”

On his live performance: “…I'm working really hard. To the point where I can barely speak English when I get off stage.”

On his car: “I had a Volvo that was like a station wagon with an insane sound system. We would park the car and sit and play insane death metal and watch the rain off a cliff or something. We just spent hours doing that… You're emerged in everything from marijuana smoke to music to a rain beating down on the car. That sensation, that lonely… isolated, longing sensation… of like a fragile, human, finite, mortal… ‘alive within me' sounds… That's kind of always with me.”

His early discovery of electronic music: “The first night that I went to a “rave,” September 5, 1995… I was a death metal stoner kid in high school. I'd never danced before. I was blown away because it was this brand new atmosphere. Leaving this room after dancing for nine hours straight… and never even noticing the DJ or thinking about the glam of it… just soaked in the room… I just had one obsession that (next) morning and that was to do this for other people.”

Check out the full interview here.


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“Ananda Enchanted,” his first song:

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Photo Credit: Rukes

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