Flying out of Mutants Records at the beginning of next month is more fresh music set to tear up the electro house scene. “Breaking Your Locks” sees the return of the “Myback” collab, with Mr. Mutants himself, John Dahlback, teaming up again with Albin Myers. Olivera steps in to provide a spine tingling performance that, partnered with the Swedish production talent, comes together to create an intense experience.

The drop itself is dominated by a powerful melodic bass line, which takes the energy levels even higher, pausing only to make room for a quirky glitch vocal hook.

Offering both euphoric moments to reach for the lasers and a dirty aggressive drop, Myback is a classic yet refreshing partnership and as said by Albin Myers himself: “Do you remember house? Myback does.”

“Breaking Your Locks” drops February 2nd, but you can pre order a copy here.