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The Prodigy Is Back, Exclaims “The Dance Scene Has Flatlined And We’re The Spike”

Maxim, MC of the trio electronic group Prodigy, recently said in an interview with the Guardian, “The dance scene has flatlined and we’re the spike.”

Prodigy has been inactive for about six years but their new single “Nasty” will debut on February 6th (see and hear it below) while their new album “The Day Is My Enemy” will officially be out March 30th.

The members of Prodigy seem to be on an aggressive vendetta to not only bring back the punch and swagger that electronic music had in the 90's, but re-establish themselves “as an important cultural band,” according to member Liam Howlett.

Howlett adds in the interview, “Producers are too safe, they rely on being retro. It’s fucking bollocks. There’s no pushing forward any more.”

The third member, Keith Flint, also speaks out in the interview about their style and the need for taking risks. He says, “Everything’s so commercialised it shuts down the underground. If you’re on an independent Record Label now, not once do any of those pricks come up with an exciting idea. When we were on XL, they wanted to be dangerous and they wanted to be exciting because we were dangerous and exciting! But now no one’s there who wants to be dangerous. And that’s why people are getting force-fed commercial, generic records that are just safe, safe, safe.”

Prodigy has been around for 23 years (as Maxim notes in the interview) and the new album marks a fresh start for their electronic history. Much has changed in the scene since their last album, “Invaders Must Die,” which featured Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters on drums in one track. For an interview to promote their album in 2009, Rob Swire of Pendulum (now Knife Party) announced that Prodigy would be helping them on their third album.

Today, Prodigy seems primed to re-establish not just their presence but change the tone of the scene.

Even the lyrics to their new song “Nasty” (check out the video below) exclaims in the lyrics, “I ain't no tourist.” Keith adds in the interview, “People walk into our environment and we control it.”

The Prodigy announced the release of their new single “Nasty” on January 12th, seven days ago. Check it out below.

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Check out the full interview with The Guardian here.

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