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Kaskade Signs with Warner Brothers to Get Music Heard Without Losing Artistic Integrity


Kaskade is an artist that really understands the meaning behind music. He appreciates the art of piecing together an amazing track by magically infusing parts of his soul within it, so it may come as a surprise that the DJ has officially signed with a major label.

It's no secret ‘EDM' that is becoming bigger and more commericial in our country. Major Record Labels are finally realizing dance music is the future and they're jumping on board. The artist pool in the EDM scene has been rapidly increasing and so has the scale of the competition. Kaskade believes he is one step ahead of the curve by signing with Warner Brothers. Las Vegas' XS Nightclub partner Jesse Waits knows Kaskade's music has the longevity needed to last with the current shift in the industry, ‘The big builds and drops, the super heavy stuff, that's getting lost. Kaskade has kept his sound's integrity. There's longevity here'.

His primary goal with the deal was to get his music heard while keeping his artistic integrity, ‘It was important to me that my voice not be lost, and that anyone I'd do business with understood that I enjoy songwriting, singing, writing and producing. I don't need the factory behind me, I just need someone to help me get my music heard by as many ears as possible'.

The full deal includes two studio albums. The three time Grammy nominee has already released eight albums on independent labels, yet has never had a radio hit. He hopes Warner will give him the final push he needs to have his music reach as far as possible without becoming commercial.

‘I think where I'm at in my career coincides with where peoples' ears are at right now with electronic music. The sound has matured, I've matured, and people are ready for that next layer, something deeper. Dance music doesn't have to be bubblegum for people to enjoy it'.

Even better, Kaskade is not focused on pumping out singles, he wants to work on creating a story for his next record. We know Kaskade surely will not disappoint with these big plans for 2015, complete with a residency at Wynn Las Vegas that includes more than 30 shows at the Encore Beach Club and XS Nightclub. Read the full article with Billboard here.

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