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Paper Diamond Announces Massive 2015 Rain Drops Tour


Paper Diamond has some serious plans for the new year. As 2014 closes out another successful year for the Colorado and LA based producer, Paper Diamond looks towards the future with inspiration and ambition. A 32 city tour has been announced in correlation with his new EP, ‘Rain Drops'. The tour of the same name also is giving birth to ‘The Rain Gang Movement'. At this point I am sure you have some questions, especially about ‘The Rain Gang Movement', well the man behind the movement has broken it down this way:

It is a community of like-minded individuals who share a love of music, art, and creativity. When most people think of the term ‘making it rain' they think about throwing dollar bills, but when Paper Diamond says ‘make it rain', he’s talking about controlling the weather, putting new work into the atmosphere all the time.

Outside of the birth of a movement Paper Diamond has a powerful vision for the artistic aspects of the Rain Drops tour as well, a new sub bass system by PK Sound will be at every stop along with a visually stunning stage design by Paper Diamond and his crew.

This will be the most insane touring rig that we’ve ever had out on the road!

Paper Diamond latest unreleased single, ‘Take Me Away', is the perfect way to gain a bit of perspective on what Rain Drops is all about. With future bass, trap, and bass elements, this track is just massive. Check it out below…

So get ready for a tour that will redefine a genre, and potentially a generation as Paper Diamond gears up to bring his vision and madness to 32 cities across the country. The tour kicks off in Birmingham, Alabama on January 14th and ventures on to a list of cities that will make your head spin. So stay up to date on coverage and buy your tickets here and check out if the tour is coming to a city near you below.

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