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‘Perfect Storm’ is another display of Fferd Tobing’s versatility and ability to generate innovative, high quality and forward thinking soundscapes. His latest releases can be soothing and powerful at the same time, and the analogy with a storm stands perfectly. ’Perfect Storm’ starts out with a peaceful and melodic section. Fferd Tobing uses a superb guitar-like Synth melody, together with an airy synth and an original bass pattern to create a serene atmosphere. However, just like a storm, the track takes a turn and starts its ascension toward a dramatic peak. The single goes through a burst of energy, and transforms into a roof-raiser. Fferd Tobing unleashes his hard grooves and deep synth sounds to create a highly danceable tune, intended to make feet move by the hundreds on dance floors around the world. Fferd Tobing shows a total control on the dynamics, and directs the mood and feel of the song without a glitch. With three other offerings in the shape of ‘Zoorabaya’, ‘Karma’ and ‘The Black Thunder’ – all equally impressive packages – it’s another whopping bundle from Fferd, who’s not taking any prisoners as we move into the back end of a busy 2014.

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