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Zatox New Album
Zatox New Album

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Preview 11 tracks from Zatox’s upcoming album, ‘New World Order’


Zatox's album is set to release in less than 48 hours. In less than 72 hours, he will be playing at the Sound of Q-dance (with 6 other hard dance icons, might I add). To prepare for both events, I've gathered the 11 tracks he's already previewed. (To note, even with that many tracks already released, over half the album is still unheard.)

Last week, EDM Sauce has an opportunity to talk to Zatox about his upcoming album, which he stated was a “gift for his fans.” The album's 23 tracks will compose of Zatox's recent work as well as unreleased, unheard material. In the interview, Zatox also stated that he will play, for the first time ever, his title track “New World Order,” with a live special guest appearance with the featuring artist, Dave Revan. Stoked.

It's going to be a time. Hope to see you at Q-dance!

Tickets to The Sound of Q-dance LA III

Pre-order New World Order

Zatox is on YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

1. New World Order

2. Be As One (featuring Katt Niall)

3. Back in the Days (with Brennan Heart)

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4. Stand My Ground (with Hard Driver, featuring Dave Revan)

5. Madness (with Raxtor, featuring Tawar)

6. Fuck That

7. Back To You

8. Extreme (featuring Dave Revan)

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9. Kiss My Ass (with Kronos)

10. My World

11. Red Alert

12. Acti & Jajox – Satana (Zatox Remix)

13. Victorious & Glorious (with Tatanka)

14. Hardstyle Anytime (feautring Dave Revan)

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15. Make Some Noise (with Activator)

17. Never More (with Hit N' Run)

18. 2 Unlimited – No Limit (Zatox remix)

19. Intensity (with Technoboy and Tuneboy a.k.a. TNT)

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20. Illuminate (featuring Ellie)

21. Still Here (with the R3bels)

22. Booty Breaker (with Art of Fighters)

23. Violent (with DJ Mad Dog)


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