Global superstar / Swedish DJ Avicii has released some of the most popular, chart-topping electronic music from the last decade, and to some, is looked up to as the king of Progressive House. Having a #1 hit single to most would mean millions of radio plays, streams from apps, an everything in between, which usually leads to some type of royalty. His hit single “Wake Me Up” has been streamed over 168 Million on Pandora, and after that he's only seen $12,359. I know Avicii doesn't need anymore money than he currently has, but at the same time isn't that a little ridiculous to you? THAT many MILLION plays but less than $15k in royalties? That seems pretty ridiculous to me, and makes me cringe for upcoming musicians who don't even get a quarter of as many plays as Avicii, therefore see way less money then he does. Quite the statistic for my Thursday night! What are you thoughts on this scenario? Give us your thoughts + comments below.




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