Exhilarating energy and unstoppable zeal from the crowd at Sunburn Festival defined an unforgettable night for concert goers all over Delhi. Sparked by a stellar set from Martin Garrix, throngs of people chanted “Martin! Martin!” before, during, and after his set, into a deafening uproar. Edmsauce was lucky enough to secure an exclusive interview with the international DJ; he gave us insight into a few new tracks and dispelled a few rumours too.

In a recent interview with Dillon Francis for Beatport, you talked about creating a duo with him called “Jack Us”. Was that just a joke? Do you ever see yourself forming a duo or supergroup to produce music?

(laugh)”That was actually just a joke. However, I think the idea of putting minds together to create music is awesome. I'm totally for the idea, but just not right now.”

You're away from family and home for majority of the year while touring. At such a young age, do you ever get sick of this lifestyle? the travel?
“It's difficult. Obviously sometimes I want to be back home. On the flipside, music is my passion and this is what I love doing – being able to do it all the time is really great.”

There's been hearsay about unreleased tracks with Hardwell and Julian Jordan filling up music blogs all over. Can you help clear the air and tell us about some of your future releases?
“That's true. There are more than 20 tracks on the way, some of which are “Rewind, Repeat It” with Ed Sheeran, “Dragon” with Matisse & Sadko, “Music Box” with Hardwell and one with Julian Jordan. I cant wait for everyone to hear them.”

To conclude our interview, we hit Garrix up with some rapid fire Q&A:

Favorite track of all Time? Miami to Atlanta – Pryda
Favorite track you've ever made:
Rewind, Repeat It with Ed Sheeran
Craziest thing a fan has ever done?
Once a fan bit my right on the side of my neck – like a vampire. It hurt. A lot.
Dream collaboration?
Lana Del Rey or Calvin Harris
What you do during free time?
When not making music or touring, I'm usually listening to music and sleeping.
Favourite thing about India?
The food and the people here. Everyone is so happy and friendly. Ive never seen so many nice people before.
How long do you see yourself being a DJ/Producer?
Another 40 years! I want to make music all my life.

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Huge thanks to Martin Garrix for making our experience at Sunburn Festival India much more memorable and awesome. You can watch for Garrix's upcoming releases on his soundcloud or facebook.

Interviewed by: Rehan Luthra