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Copycats : EDM Artists Who Were Influenced Too Much By the Work of Others

With the increasing blend of EDM and pop music, it's not uncommon to come across familiar or similar sounding tracks. And to be fair, there are reasons (good reasons!) to produce an ‘edm version' of a popular song in another genre. Whether its an intentional influence or coincidence, there are some tunes where the overlap is just too obvious, making you wonder… is it lack of imagination? Below we've picked out a few of our favorite edm tracks that, unfortunately, just don't seem very original. Is it just influence or a flagrant rip off? You be the judge…

Martin Garrix & Sander Van Doorn – Project T 
Somehow this track has gone largely unnoticed for its nearly 100% cut copy paste intro. Martin Garrix and Sander Van Doorn's ‘Project T' has what sounds like an identical opening melody taken from The XX – Intro. Since XX Intro is a fairly iconic and well known song, we're pretty shocked that no one has commented on this before. Start at the 1min mark…



Daft Punk – Get Lucky
Get Lucky was one of the biggest songs of 2013 and it topped charts all over the world. This caused some fans to nod their heads in recognition – the harmonic progression of Get Lucky sounds just like a song called “Robot Dance” by Korean youtube star Zack Kim.


Will.I.Am – Bang Bang 
Will.I.Am's new album #willpower had a fair amount of success. One track that most people probably missed on the album, “Bang Bang” sounds too familiar. After some digging, we'd like to present to you (for comparison) Sandro Silva & Quintino's “Epic”. If this big room banger doesn't make you question the originality of Will.I.Am, nothing will.

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Zomboy – WTF!?
Over the years Zomboy has shamelessly ripped songs off of more famous artists like Skrillex and Knife Party. Yet somehow copyright police criticise random kids on youtube. His most obvious and infamous steal was of Dirtyloud's track “Vampires Come Out.”


Kevin Envoy
Pretty much every song Kevin Envoy (or, Kevin McEnvoy) has ever made belongs to someone else. We broke the news in March on reddit that the producer had blatantly stolen tracks from R3HAB, Feed Me, Knife Party, and a slew of others — and was selling them on Google, Itunes, and Amazon.

Vinai – Bounce Generation, Raveology, Hands Up 
Last on our list are the artists who must have a mention; a duo who copies their own work. Vinai was caught in the act earlier this year for recycling their own songs under new track names, and very little else.

Do you know of other artists who have copied (ahem. “been heavily influenced by”) others' works? Let us know!

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