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Dillon Francis-Masta Blasta 2.0
Dillon Francis-Masta Blasta 2.0

Free Download

Dillon Francis Uploads Free Download of Masta Blasta 2.0

Dillon Francis, the man behind Set me free (along with Martin Garrix), has released a newer version of his old song Masta Blast in all new form and titled it Masta Blasta 2.0 (quite appropriately).

Best news about this: it's a free download!

Good move from Dillon for showing off his new stuff before his new album “Money sucks, Friends rule” and I must say it looks promising.

I'm not a fan of rebirth of songs. If I heard a song and I liked it, it will pass by after a month and I cannot deal with hearing basically the same thing but slightly changed. But, the rebirth of Masta Blasta is just… Amazing. It's nothing not to love. Good bass line as per usual provided by Francis, and a pretty good harmony I guess.

I didn't like Masta Blasta (the first one), but the rebirth made me go back and listen to it couple more time and made me enjoy it that little bit more. Thanks Dillon.

Here it is:

Dillon Francis-Masta Blasta 2.0 (free download)

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