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Bringing the Bounce – Interview with Will Sparks, Timmy Trumpet, and Joel Fletcher


Ever wonder what happens when you take the top 3 DJ/producers from Australia and ship them off to America for a nationwide bus tour? Would you love to find out? Well clear your schedule. This is one party you dont want to miss. Will Sparks, Joel Fletcher, and the legendary Timmy Trumpet are taking over the U.S. on the Bounce Bus Tour. Lord only knows what sort of rowdiness they will stir up on their journey as they trek across the USA, showing off the source of Melbourne Bounce.

We caught up with these crazy Aussies at their first stop of the tour in Miami. It was the first trip to Miami for Timmy and Joel, and the second for Will. All three of them are the most awesome, cool, fun-loving individuals and we were dying to know more about them and how they all eventually became friends.

Will – I met Joel early on, and he was actually one of the first DJ’s I ever saw in my life. He basically inspired me to start producing. When I was 16 [years old] I went to see him and I was in awe, I just couldn’t believe it. I jumped the fence and went up to him while he was on the phone and was like ‘Man that was sick!’ After that I became the biggest fan.

(Luckily, Joel thought he was a cool guy and not a stalker. Fans, do not try that at home.)

timmy trump

Now, don't forget about Mr. Trumpet. Sir Timmy has been making waves through the for quite some time now. He is widely regarded as one of the most talented EDM acts to see live, as he incorporates his incredibly talented horn skills on the trumpet into his electrifying sets.

Timmy – I’ve been doing all the regional towns in Australia and then [Timmy] opens it up to the rest of the world. Melbourne Bounce is now known all over the world thanks to Will Sparks.

Granted, the current kings of the Melbourne Bounce are telling this story from their perspective; these same guys are they ones who brought this explosive subgenre to the mainstream. I was curious, however, about where the style originated. Will and Timmy's eyes turn toward Joel for a proper explanation of where exactly Bounce came from.

Joel – It started with a duo called Orchestrated – they use to have a minimal techno kind of vibe which was the original Melbourne Bounce, then it just progressed with more of a big room sound to it.

With most things, though, there is a tipping point. A specific, easily defined moment when the tide shifts. For bounce, the event that turned a local style into a global subgenre was well known to all three guys.

Will – With ‘Ah Yeah!’, the sound changed from only being acceptable in a small room, to now being played at big festivals. And once it crossed that line, somehow everyone was into it.

Surely the Europeans have seen their fair share of success over the past few years. It seems that now, the crew from down under is looking to make their stamp on the scene

Joel – Its our turn, we’ve got a powerhouse down there man, we’ve got so much talent coming out its ridiculous – but we are just too far away!

As I previously mentioned, we are sitting down with the top 3 DJ/producers out of Australia. Ranked… InTheMix holds its annual top 50 awards and Will Sparks, Timmy Trumpet, and Joel Fletcher took the number 1, 2, and 3 spots respectively.

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Joel – It’s humbling, it’s a really good feeling.

Timmy – When Will won, it’s like we all won!

Will – It’s kind of strange that we are all going on tour together, since this was all planned before the [the top 50 list].

After lounging on the beaches in Miami for a few days getting some r&r, they were ready to get the party started at Club Space, one of Miami's most legendary nightclubs.

Will – On our off days we go to the beach, because when we play it’s just Team Lunatic! That’s what we call each other… There isn’t a better crew!

While all 3 of the Aussies do an immense amount of touring, they still must leave time to work on new material. Put all 3 of them in a room together, and the results will be something magical.

Will – Dude, that’s the only place I can produce now because I am so used to it. I’ve had a bit of writer’s block lately – I sat down with these guys today and it just all came back to me.

Timmy – We already started something today.

Will – We are probably going to finish an album by the end!

Timmy – We bounce off each other!

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I want to give a big thanks to Will, Joel, and Timmy for giving us the chance to hang out and get to know them. With these three extremely talented gentlemen at the forefront of the Australian EDM scene, there is no telling how far they will go. The only thing guaranteed is they will be spreading the Bounce.

bounce bus interview


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