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Zero Point Festival Goes Green with Solar Power

Solar Power Energizing the Main Stage at Zero Point Festival?

This year in Las Vegas, Zero Point Festival will be sensational to say the least. A fantastic line up of artists such as Mark Farina, Andreilien, AnTenNae, and the Desert Dwellers  will be take hold of the limelight.

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zero-point-festival-2014/Supporting such a lineup with all the power needed to amplify the festival will be courtesy of Jeff Murrell, responsible for providing a cleaner and greener alternative to supply the high demand of electrical power for music festivals and events.

Jeff Murrell, a founding member of the ELECTRONIC MUSIC ALLIANCE, and a local Southern California man is one step closer to eradicating 99 percent of carbon emissions created by music festival’s generators. After pulling off one of North America’s biggest solar-powered stage productions, Murrell surprised thousands at Santa Barbara’s Lucidity festival. Utilizing a $150,000 solar-power system to power the festival’s biggest stage for four days impressed many of the event personnel.  Jeff has powered equipment for festivals, DJ events, and corporate events for eight years, and has now developed an Ecoboom division for “greening” events.

Ecoboom - Focus Entertainment

According to Union of Concerned Scientists, small diesel-powered generators should be compared to a gas lawn mowers, which, running for 60 minutes, emits the same pollution as eight new cars driving 55 mph for an hour.  As diesel is dirtier than gasoline, these generators put out approximately 420 pounds of carbon dioxide each year, whereas the solar generators comparatively put out 5.7 pounds  For an average festival, about 15 generators are used a day and with over hundreds of festivals across America each year – thousands of pounds of C02 pollute the air every year, unnecessarily.

Jeff Murrell and Traverse Hall Share Their Experiences Utilizing Solar Power Energy at Music Festivals and Events.

Focus Entertainment - Ecoboom “LA is the home of music and sunshine so lets use this technology to make this industry green and sustainable so other cities and countries around the world can follow suit.” Lucidity sustainability coordinator Traverse Hall said. “Lucidity, organizers and production staff had a hard time believing the sun could power their biggest stage, but they were pleasantly surprised” said Murrell.  “Collaborators like the sound and stage guys did have their doubts about how such a large production could be pulled off by solar power,” he continued “But once they saw it in action and a couple of days had passed and it was still operating flawlessly, they were blown away.”

Murrell, who also manages Google’s sound and lighting production, has been producing events since 1999, which led him to see the need for a sustainable future for the live music and entertainment industry.  He has worked for eight years to develop the solar-powered infrastructure, proving his technology is more reliable than a fuel-burning generator.  “The generator is a hybrid so it can track when it reaches half capacity and automatically switches to its back-up system – a vegetable oil fueled generator.  By adding solar to the equation, emissions are reduced by about 99 percent and the difference in rental price is only about five to 10 per cent more.” Murrell said. As more people join the solar energy bandwagon, prices will drop to match the price of commercial diesel generators. Solar generators are  the way of the future”

“My goal is to wipe out one million generators at festivals before I retire and make this industry as clean and sustainable as possible,” —Jeff Murrell.

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Focus Entertainment
Has powered equipment for festivals, DJ events, and corporate events for eight years, has now developed an Ecoboom division for “greening” events.  Jeff Murrell: 424 634 8326
Lucidity Festival
Lucidity is one of the most amazing open-source transformational arts and music festivals in the world and held in Santa Barbara County.  Traverse Hall :707 497 4518

Electronic Music Alliance
Non-profit and global membership alliance of dance music fans, artists, and industry idealists. We encourage our community to be the “Sound of Change.
Organizing around issues important to the community like health, safety, greening, and giving back to our local communities through charitable works.

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