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The Big Room Rebel : An Interview with Brazzabelle

You may know her by her signature ponytail but Boots Bowles, better known as Brazzabelle, has exploded into the scene and absolutely rocks every second of it. With a fierce style and attitude, this LA Lady has won the hearts of many with her festival-inspired bangers and refreshingly energetic remixes that have landed her residencies at some of the top clubs in the world.
She continues to strive in a male-dominated dance music scene with her talents that have allowed her to earn successes over the past few years. When she's not rocking the decks, Brazzabelle enjoys working up a sweat with another kind of audience – she also coaches and owns a health series called Ravercise (which is honestly a must do for edm fans who want to be fit). As an person, she comes across as fresh and honest, a little rebellious. The kind of chick you want to be friends with.

Take us to through the beginning, how did Brazzabelle become Brazzabelle? 
When I was around 13-14 I had production software that was super, super basic but I started creating samples and making tracks. One of my friends from high school showed me how to do that, we would do it just for fun because you know, we were bored and 14. I asked my parents for DJ Equipment for Christmas and they were like, “hahaha…yeah right.” It's a really expensive hobby, so it was not really feasible at the time financially. And it's not like Europe where you can play in clubs at 16… but I actually just wanted to produce at that time. Later I studied abroad in Barcelona and I had friends who were DJs at the time and they were encouraging me to start DJing too, and telling me what I should buy. I ended up transferring universities and so I didn't really have any friends, and so I would do that all day long. Basically I would go to school, then practice DJing everyday. It was just kind of like a hobby at first and then I got really competitive and I just wanted to become better at it and …. yeah I got here today!Brazzabelle

So can you talk about a particular show, maybe at a festival, where you realized, I've actually made it as a DJ, this has actually become my career?
Hmmmm, there are a few times I think. Definitely last year, after I got signed to AM Only. When I played at the mainstage at EDC Puerto Rico and Electric Zoo – those were by far the biggest stages I'd ever played on. I was shaking I was so nervous! But, people were reacting very well and I got a lot of positive feedback on social media. I mean I still wake up every morning and I'm like, “whoa – I'm a DJ”, but those two were pretty surreal moments that this is really happening.

brazzabelleI'm sure that was crazy! So you primarily make what you like to call, “festival house” or big room. Would there be another genre you'd be interested in trying out?
I've always joked about having an alter-ego, and wearing like a Mask, and everyone assuming I'm a guy, but I'm not. I always joke about that, but I actually really like cheesy, “feel good” vocal tracks that are more pop songs. But I love all sorts of music, like big summer tunes with feel good vibes, whether that's progressive or more disco. For now, I am just sticking to the big room because that's my favorite!

Some lightning round random, quick questions for ya! Last DJ performance that you saw that wowed you…
Lemme see, probably GTA at Create in LA. I'm a huge fan of their music and I went to every one of their DJ sets throughout the years and I haven't seen them in a year and I saw them there and was really stoked on the progress they made and their style has just evolved and I'm really impressed.

Dream collab!
That's tough but, Diplo!

Favorite designer
Jeremy Scott. 

Favorite vacation spot.
Somewhere tropical, probably the Caribbean. 

Name a producer that you've been listening to recently.
Probably Mercer! Or Diplo, I love him.

You've quoted that your inspiration, and mentor, is Congorock. Can you talk about some useful advice you've gotten from him?
Yeah, I was living with his manager at the time and he ended up moving behind us and then we ended up living together and he was my roommate for another two years. He's been a really big help along the way because when I started really getting into producing, I can bother him all day, because if I was working on a project I was like, “how do you do this?” and he's also given me advice when times get tough, telling me to stay true to your sound. He's also just a really great friend!

Tell us something your fans might be surprised by you…
I used to say I'm on Tinder…but I'm not anymore! I'm kind of an open book, hold on let me think about this. Oh yeah, I have a piñata collection!

So what new projects can we expect from you this year? 
I just finished 3 originals, the first one is called “Siren” coming out September 29th on Warpath Records. And then the other two have a TBD release date but you’ll probably be hearing those in the ravercise episodes coming out. And then a few plays on Tiesto’s Club Life, they’re around if you can find them. And then, I’m doing a collab with Bare now, and another producer Saint Liz, who’s in the Netherlands, working on collabing and I’m also working on the next festival remix but I am not saying what that is yet

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Last question, how do you lock down Ravercise?
You can't be good or bad at Ravercise, it's just like exercising through partying! I get my exercise at the club, but really it's any kind of dancing or fist bumping but I will be teaching a Ravercise dance on board the Mad Decent Boat Party. 

Thanks again to Brazzabelle for taking the time to chat with us. We're looking forward to future releases and definitely trying out Ravercise on the Boat.

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