If you have one last road trip before school starts, here's a track to plug in for the joyride (and even the cover artwork wants to be Alabama from the movie True Romance). The trio Brass Knuckles has you covered with this feel-good electro house tune called “Water Gun” featuring vocals from John Ryan.

The piano melody starts out like classic Calvin Harris and then you get some John Ryan vocals and lyrics that grab you. As it goes, “And now we on the run, to save ourselves from fun. This is our only chance, this is our only chance. I need a water gun, so we can shoot out the sun. ‘Cuz we just wanna dance, ‘cuz we just wanna dance.”

These are the kind of catchy lyrics you get stuck in your head from listening to pop music on terrestrial F.M. radio. Not predictably, things get bouncy and even wobbly into some hyper, dance festival celebration music. The second drop leaves you wanting more. It's hard to believe these guys put this much energy into 3 minutes and 32 seconds. Get it now on Ultra Records by clicking HERE.

Follow Brass Knuckles at the links below and have a listen. Enjoy! Pay your speeding tickets.

Brass Knuckles