SNBRN has done it again with his remix of a throwback classic,’Return Of The Mack’ by Mark Morrison. Doing a remake of this beloved track is genius. It instantly gets you in a fun loving mood to get up and dance. SNBRN has taken this classic tack and filled it with a mix of instrumentals, classic vocal clips, and “a warm bassline”. Giving this track a nice new sun-kissed sound.

“So, I’m back up in the game…with a brand new remix of one of my all time favorite songs. There hadn’t been a remix in years and decided to give this thee old SNBRN touch. With tons of live instruments and a nice warm bassline this track is sure to keep you dancing from the pool to the club all summer long.” – SNBRN

This track originally came out on SoudCloud August 12th, now it is #3 on Hypem. Take a listen and if you love this track as much as I did, show some love here. Enjoy!

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