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Noosa – ‘Begin Again’ (Live City Remix)

The New York duo Live City has remixed Noosa's track “Begin Again” from her “Wonderland” LP. While the remix has a faster tempo and added Progressive builds, it does not take away from the amazing vocals of Noosa. The LP title “Wonderland” is very fitting for not only the original track, but this remix as well. “Begin Again” gives you a very delicate and almost dreamy feel, especially with the pan flute outro.

Live City was honored to put in their contribution.

We're proud to present our Official Remix of Noosa's “Begin Again”. This remix is one of our favorites we've ever done. Noosa is an extremely talented singer-songwriter, and her producer Mickey Valen did wonders on her new LP, “Wonderland”. We connected immediately with “Begin Again”, and are so honored to be given the chance to put our touch on it. We wanted to blanket Noosa's delicate vocals with serene feelings, and then some power during the climaxes. We hope you like this one!

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