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EDX Live at ‘Studio Paris’


Imagine getting into a plane, falling asleep and waking up in a new country every day, and despite your busy travel itinerary, you manage to squeeze in 14 hours of work a day. EDX, better known as Maurizio Colella, does this for a living. Colella recently played at Chicago’s Studio Paris on Wednesday, July 16th. The Swiss-based producer has been at the forefront of the electronic music scene for more than a decade and continues to prove his ability, not only in the studio.


Live at 'Studio Paris'

Live at ‘Studio Paris'

In 1991 electronic music had taken hold of Europe.  Cities like Chicago and Detroit had House, but it was not popular at the time. Like many other European producers in the 90s, Maurizio started his music career producing. That soon transformed into his love of electronic music.

Learning how to make Hip-hop is extremely useful as a first step before stepping into the world of electronic music. During an interview Two weeks ago, Maurizio shared some great advice for aspiring musicians, “The beautiful thing about music is to try to do something; about your life. Share your story because it makes people feel good. Try to transfer the feelings that make you feel good.”

While having a reason to make music is great and all… What does it take to become a great producer? When it comes to writing, performing, and getting a crowd moving, EDX shared some insight.

M – “I write in minor because it is accessible. Writing in the major key is also easy, but it is harder to stick with people.”

There is a certain stigma that the minor key is always supposed to be “Sad.” What Maurizio pointed out is that the minor scale is versatile. It is just as easy to write in major as it is to write in minor however, major is easier for someone in a bad mood to reject impulsively.

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EDX has made some notable remixes and has been recognized in major charts such as DMC Buzz, Beatport chart in 2009, and cool cuts. He has played in front of more than 60,000 people and his list of productions, collaborations, and remixes goes on. Maurizio hosts a radio show every single week on sound cloud called NoXcuses (also the name of his production company). With 178 weekly radio shows and counting already online, this means he has been putting out a radio show every week for just a little over three years constantly releasing new music.




Maurizio, “The Machine,” continues to create new music, handles his administrative work for his company and still manages to get time to work in the studio. He is an example of working hard for what you want. If you want to be the best, you have put the time in (no excuses).

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