Watch this incredible dancer (whose name is unknown) going all out to the tune “Delight” by Jamie Berry and “All Night” by Parov Stelar. The guy in the video goes by the alias “JustSomeMotion” and most of his dancing and tracks are tailored around this type of electro swing dance. You can check him out for more videos on his channel here.

In one of his videos, he claims that he's been too busy with exams to respond to messages. His channel has nearly 40,000 subscribers now. The “Delight” video has over one million views now and the Parov Stelar track has over ten million. Check it out and follow these producers as well! Links below. Enjoy, don't hurt yourselves trying to copy.

Electro Swing Dance

Electro Swing Dance

Just Some Motion Channel:


Jamie Berry!/jamie.berry3


Parov Stelar