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KRNE – Zero Zero One EP

Terrorhythm Recordings, Plastician's Label, has just restored my faith in bass music. They just released a new EP by KRNE, formally known as “Krane.” Plastician has been leaking the tunes of EP “Zero Zero One” on RinseFM for a while now, eagerly excited for its release.

Plastician was the first “dubstep” show that I ever went to, back in the day with Mary Anne Hobbs at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, California. That show blew my mind. It hooked me on what was then simply called, “dubstep.” And it wasn't just the super heavy bass that rattled my bones that got me. Sure, that was a definite factor. But, it was the fact that these huge heavy throbbing beats also sounded catchy too. They had genuinely beautiful melodies, perfectly inputted samples, and they were louder and heavier than anything I had ever felt before.

As times have progressed, I have been pulled away this “bass” music for the sheer fact that some of it just sounds horrible. Many artists have taken the “wow” factor of the heavy bass and just ran with it, forgetting about the melodies that the OGs, like Plastician, had used to compliment the hard hitting bass. Then you're left with just a bunch of random “womps.” And, lately I have been way too womped out. Thus, my musical library started to become filled with more consistent, melodic, and catchy house beats. But, the memories of that real good Bass Music still lingered, and everyday I wished for someone to bring back that real sound.

My wishes have been heard, by who else, but the one who originally turned me on to bass music, the king of that UK bass sound, Plastician.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to KRNE.

This EP literally is perfection, in terms of quality bass music. As I listened to the first track on the EP, “Aryah,” I couldn't believe how he was using these heavy synthy beats and putting them to a melody that actually sounded good. The song is hard, that's for sure, but it is also soft at the same time. Fading you out, then gripping you back in, as the same melody lingers throughout. The little Aaliyah samples were also a nice touch.

Then, the next track, “The Comedy,” takes you on a whole different ride. Although this song is not meant to be funny, despite the name of the track, I was actually laughing when I heard it, because I was so happy to hear bass music that I actually liked again. And what better way to reel listeners in, than by adding a little trappy touch to it? This lower tempo song is a little more minimal and definitely darker than the first one, but in that nice gangster way we all love. The trap beats are not just randomly thrown in there, like many tracks nowadays, but actually put, once again, to the beat of a beautiful and catchy melody. It's comedy how good it is, really.

In “Jangle,” KRNE shows us the power of that dense maximalist sound and how it can be used properly, instead of just mashing together a bunch of sounds for lack of direction, and hoping it sounds good. This busy tune takes you back and forth, from left to right, with so much input you almost don't know what to do with it. But, you do, because KRNE is on his game.

The EP finishes, with the namesake of the EP itself, “Zero Zero One.” This track starts out with a nice and happy, but almost corny techno rhythm. However, it takes that same rhythm and plays with it through out the whole song, first adding heavy gangster bass, then fun little Synth riffs, then nice vocal samples, and then back again to that deep bass. The rhythm you originally thought might have sounded bright is now dark and grimey, and really, oh so good.

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Do yourself a favor and check this out. You won't regret it. I'm always listening to genres I don't like anymore, just in case, one might reel me back in. This one really did the trick.

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