The crew from Huntington Beach, CA have a bunch of new material on their upcoming album Sound of Change and as the title suggest, lots of new sounds. Known primarily for their reggae style with a bit of hip-hop and ska mixed in on tracks like ‘Lay Me Down' or ‘Believe', ‘My Sweet Summer' definitely showcases some of those new sounds. With electronic elements and heavier bass tied into the main riff, yet keeping the reggae and hip-hop elements, the guys from Dirty Heads display their versatility – sure to be a theme on their new EP. Now Summer is just starting, so it's time to go make some memories that will be remembered and missed later in the year… but for now turn this jam up and may your summer be sweet!

Hello Friends! My name is Zack and I'm what I call a music enthusiast, a fan of lots of genre's but my "go to" for a while has been the growing electronic side of productions. I love all different kinds of creativity expressed by people whether it's art, music, athletics, written word…anything that shows more about that person and what their passions are. Currently I am living in Nazareth, Israel interning with Young Life Youth Ministry. It's been a privilege to experience another part of the world. My faith is a huge part of who I am, and do my best to become a better me daily. Live with love and stay positive :) God Bless is a clothing company project I'm involved in - check it out if you like