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Jahan Yousaf of Krewella Embraces Social Media Silence

Jahan Yousaf from Krewella has made it very clear that she will be taking a step back from social media. Jahan announced she will no longer be up to date constantly with her Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.. Jahan will casually post on her tumblr, but what she really wants is to continue the human connection people must need instead of the misleading acceptance people get through social media outlets. Jahan greatly appreciates all of her fans and knows social media probably had a big part in the growth of Krewella, but coming from Jahan herself “For those of you who followed me a year ago, you might have noticed I was responding to tweets daily and posting pictures of my experiences a few times a week. I was quite the social media hustler. Before I could barely open my eyes in the morning I would check my twitter to see if anything happened while I was sleeping. And then the cycle would continue every few hours after that, responding to fans and ‘checking to if anything happened.’

But that’s the worst way to start the morning. You basically set yourself for dicking around throughout the day. How could I possibly call myself a dedicated artist if my flow of thoughts and ideas are fragmented and intercepted by the urge to refresh my feed or prove what I did that day? And what was I checking for? Why do we all post thoughts, photos, and maintain our profiles online? Acceptance.”

To read more directly form Jahan you can follow the link below, but if you really want to make an impact do the same and remove yourself from the daily need of social media, go outside, have some fun and follow your passion.

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