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edm playlist


EDM Sauce Artist Submissions – Playlist Week of March 7, 2014

Typically I'm focused on a top ten but I realized this month that just having ten is really limiting. Awesome artists and tracks were getting dropped off that really deserved to be there. And 10 is kind of an arbitrary number anyway. So from now on, we'll just be having a artist submissions playlist. The great tracks will make it on there, the good tracks might make it on there, and the crappy tracks definitely will not be. Let us know if you like this new format better than the top ten!

This week's playlist has an eclectic mix of really awesome stuff. Highlights:
A beautiful progressive electro mix of Coldplay's Midnight by Jeremy Hills, a hard-hitting original from the Futuristic Polar Bears, a track so similar to Pretty Lights you will swear that he has a new identity, a genre defying track that is strangely catchy from 1Way TKT, phenomenal Drum and Bass from The Prototypes, and a pound you in the eardrums dubstep track from Gtronic.

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