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mini innofader
mini innofader

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Scratch DJ New Product: Mini Innofader PNP

DJs, real DJs, need their equipment to last after hours of usage. I'm not talking about a few twists of POTS and channel fade in. I'm talking about scratch DJs such as A-Trak for a perfect example. Scratching doesn't halt at breaks or hip-hop though, James Zabiela and even Chuckie are known to scratch in their DJ sests. Utilizing Pioneer CDJs and midi controllers are another innovative way to scratch digital music. Hell, James will whip out an I-Pad at times and start blowing people away with how he can bend and manipulate music. For some DJs, the cross fader is the most used component on a mixer. And yes, it is worked back and fourth just like…well, its worked a lot to say the least.

I had the pleasure of the inventor of the innofader product line come to the workshop and install a mini innofader into my DJM-700 mixer. The mini innofader is the most ideal product. It is a non contact fader and can be calibrated and adjusted infinitely. Brilliant! Enjoy this short video showing the new products coming out soon!

The innofader has been in production for quite sometime and at Audio Innovate they are proud to be releasing a new mini innofader PNP for DJM-700 and DJM-2000 Pioneer mixers.  Repair DJ Gear is a Southern California based DJ gear repair shop offering assistance with installing the innofaders.



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