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Unleash the JES: EDM Sauce Interview with JES

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with EDM legend, JES. The New York native vocalist, songwriter, producer, and DJ has been an essential part of the EDM scene, collaborating with superstars such as ATB, BT, Cosmic Gate, Tiesto, Morgan Page and many more. She started her career at a young age and has been consistently growing as an artist. She is “in love with the music process”, and 2014 will be filled with new singles, collaborations and mixes.

Growing up in New York, JES was always surrounded by a mix of diverse music. If she wasn't singing in the choir, she was watching her mom perform at a music theater, or finding new ways to improve the music she was listening to. At the age fourteen, she got her first break by answering an ad on the “The Village Place” and recorded her first record “Wasted on Your Love”.

Since then, she has grown from a vocalist to a songwriter, producer, and DJ. I asked her where she found her inspiration when the creative juices don't seem to be flowing. “Sometimes you go through a time where you can’t write. You just need to open yourself to anything that can help inspire you. Music, movies, books, anything.” JES emphasized the importance of emerging yourself with a variety of music and people. The passion in her voice when she talks about her writing process is inspiring. Her love for creating music is undeniable. It is great to talk to an artist who is as passionate as their music. JES is definitely one of those artists.

During her career, she has collaborated with multiple EDM giants. I was curious to know which artist did she love collaborating with. You can only imagine how hard this question must be when having the opportunity to work with so many talented DJs and Producers. JES and BT have created multiple singles together. “We have had countless studio time together, collaborating, and establishing a friendship that has allowed both of us to create something that we both find beautiful.”

This year, ATB and JES have had yet another chance to work together releasing their track “Hard To Cure”. “I love him, we really hit it off. I love his openness and his writing process”. Together, they have built an open relationship where creativity is free to flourish.

When I asked her about what 2014 has in store for her, she replied “A lot”. JES has been spending endless hours coming up with New Music that fans are sure to love. Starting with her new album, ‘Unleash the Beat' (Platinum Mix). Next will be an acoustic album, new collaborations with ATB, BT, and Showgun (just to name a few). For those of you who can’t wait for all of her new work to come out, you can get your dose of JES with her weekly Podcast, Unleash the Beat.

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Fun fact, turns out JES loves and collects various hot sauces from across the world. Naturally, I asked her if she were a sauce, what would her sauce taste like, and what would she name it. She enthusiastically replied “I would be a Sriracha sauce because it’s very tangy, very palatable, and adds a lot of taste.” And it would be called JEStastic Extra Hot Sauce.

Hopefully, this interview has made you fall in love with JES even more. I didn't know it was possible, but it is (I love you JES). Her new album, Unleash the Beat, is now available  on Beatport and iTunes. The beats are as hot as her hot sauce, so check it out.


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